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Turfgrass Science  [76]

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The effects of blue, green, and neutral density photoselective gels on the spectral quality of sunlight

Petrella, Dominic P; Watkins, Eric (2021)
Many researchers use neutral density black shade cloth to apply shade treatments that allow for the separation of confounding effects brought on by foliar shade (i.e. tree shade), such as water deficit due to competing ...

Association between Inflorescence Morphology and Seed Shattering in Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Barreto Ortiz, Joan; Watkins, Eric; Ehlke, Nancy (2020)
The objective of this preliminary study was to develop and implement an imaging system to explore the association between seed shattering and spike architecture. We found a significant association between spike morphology ...

Can Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculum Improve Conditions of Various Golf Greens?

Sessoms, Florence; Schwab, Ryan; Watkins, Eric (2020)
Objective: Determine if repeated inoculations of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi would result in improved turfgrass quality, NDVI, and soil moisture of four different types of golf greens. Conclusion: Additional research is ...

2020 Progress Report on Grass Seed Production Research

Ehlke, Nancy; Vellekson, Donn; Grafstrom, Dave (2020)
Summary of research on grass and legume seed production conducted by the University of Minnesota.

1967-1976 Kentucky Bluegrass: A Summary of Residue Management Studies in Northern Minnesota

Elling, Laddie (1976)
Improved residue management in commercial bluegrass fields has significantly contributed to better seed production during the past ten years in northern Minnesota.

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