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Center for Family Development  [243]

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University of Minnesota Extension's Center for Family Development (FD) teaches families and those who serve families to make informed decisions leading to greater health, resilience, and well-being. FD staff and faculty deliver trustworthy, relevant, and research-based education; work closely with communities and organizations to build the strengths of individuals and families of all types and backgrounds; and show key stakeholders the value of their work.

Recently Added

COVID-19/Emergency 14-Day Meal Kit for Rural Grocery Stores

Draeger, Kathryn; Gold, Abby; Olive, Ren (UMN Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, 2020-03-19)
This fact sheet provides guidance on 14-day meal kits that can be deployed from rural grocery stores to community members who need to isolate themselves in the face of COVID-19.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma in young children: What we know and what we can do

Lingras, Katherine; Greifer, Maya; Sheikh, Kiran; Fabre, Barb (University of Minnesota Extension, 2019-06)

Parents Forever 2017 Annual Statewide Report

Shanker, Vidhya; McCann, Ellie; Powell, Sharon (2018)

Department of Corrections (DOC) Parenting Report

Becher, Emily; Alba, Anna; Smith, Mikayla; McCann, Ellie; Powell, Sharon (2018)

Health Equity Review

University of Minnesota Extension SNAP-Ed (University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Family Development, 2016-06-26)
The Healthy Food, Safe Food (HFSF) Project is a partnership between University of Minnesota Extension Center for Family Development and Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH’s) Office of Statewide Health Improvement ...

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