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Center for the Study of Politics and Governance  [467]

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Transparency and Campaign Spending in Minnesota in 2020

Pearson, Kathryn; Jacobs, Lawrence R. (2021-03)
Money fuels politics, giving voice not only to candidates and their campaigns, but to outside groups and political parties—both during campaigns and lawmaking in Minnesota. Minnesota legislators are influenced by campaign ...

A Conversation with Al Franken

Jacobs, Lawrence R. (2020-09-23)

Will 2020 Be the Year of the Latino Voter?

Jacobs, Lawrence R. (2020-09-22)

"Weaponizing" the Department of Justice?

Jacobs, Lawrence R. (2020)

Voting in Person in the 2020 Elections

Jacobs, Lawrence R. (2020-09-01)

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