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Caitlin Bakker  [11]

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Measuring Impact With Altmetrics: Is There One Tool To Rule Them All?

Bakker, Caitlin; Chew, Katherine; McBurney, Jenny; Reed, Del; Aho, Melissa (2018-10)

Something to Smile About: Librarian Support for Evidence-Based Dentistry

Theis-Mahon, Nicole R; Bakker, Caitlin J (2018)
Purpose: This poster examines the impact of librarian-led faculty development in research methods as a component of the Dental Education (CDE) Certificate Program in Contemporary Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry level ...

How Data and Publishing Intersect for Public Health Researchers

Hunt, Shanda L; Bakker, Caitlin J (2018-03-22)
We conducted a needs assessment of public health researchers November 2016 - January 2017. The aims of the study were to capture the evolving needs, opportunities, and challenges of public health researchers in the current ...

Bibliographic records of retracted publications in the mental health literature

Bakker, Caitlin J; Riegelman, Amy (2017-12-27)
Our data is comprised of one CSV file in which we record observations of 144 previously retracted articles. These articles were identified through the Retraction Watch database. We conducted searches across seven bibliographic ...

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