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Nancy Sims  [7]

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“Kids These Days”… May Know More About Copyright Than You

Sims, Nancy A. (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2019-10)
This chapter explores some of the different moral and ethical considerations people bring to issues of copyright, other intellectual property, authorship, ownership, citation, and attribution - and uses that exploration ...

Rights, ethics, accuracy, and open licenses in online collections: What’s “ours” isn’t really ours

Sims, Nancy A. (College & Research Libraries News, 2017-02)
This article explores common practices of cultural organizations sharing collection items online, in which rights are claimed as belonging to the organization that do not, or in which the organization creates confusion for ...

It’s all the same to me!: Copyright, contracts, and publisher self-archiving policies

Sims, Nancy A. (College & Research Libraries News, 2015-12)
This article explores how publisher polices that distinguish between differently-formatted versions of an article do not correlate with what copyright law considers to be separate "works". Under copyright law, only substantial ...

My unpublished research was scooped?: Misconduct reveals one way copyright preserves academic values

Sims, Nancy A. (College & Research Libraries News, 2016-06)
Through the lens of a case of academic misconduct involving one research group publishing the findings of another, this article explores why U.S. copyright law does not protect data or ideas, and the related concepts of ...

Library licensing and criminal law: The Aaron Swartz case

Sims, Nancy, A (College & Research Libraries News, 2011-10)
Reviews the ways that library licenses for subscription content contributed to criminal charges against activist Aaron Swartz, when he downloaded content from JSTOR on the MIT campus. (Author Note: This piece predates ...

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