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Volume 04, Number 1, 2013  [11]

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Psychometric Assessment of the PPDG: Utilizing Cronbach’s Alpha as a Means of Reliability

Marr-Lyon, Lisa R; Gupchup, Gireesh V; Anderson, Joe R (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2013)
Introduction: Since the development of the 10 item Purdue Pharmacist Directive Guidance (PPDG) Scale several studies of the psychometric properties of the PPDG have been conducted. Although Cronbach’s alpha was calculated ...

Evaluation of a Patient Perspective Module in a Required Medication Safety and Quality Course at a College of Pharmacy

Battaglia, Jessica N; Lis, Jennifer E; Chui, Michelle A (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2013)
Objectives: To develop and evaluate the impact of a module discussing the patient’s perspective on medication errors in a required medication safety course at a college of pharmacy. Methods: Students were required to ...

Affordable Care Act: A review and discussion of its impact on healthcare today, and a primer for pharmacists

Lui, Leo Lai Ho; Wertheimer, Albert (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2013)
In the midst of countless healthcare debates, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is written into legislation as a possible solution to the United States's rising healthcare costs. Individualized into nine ...

Effective Modification of a Nonprescription Medicines Course to Optimize Learning of Millennial Generation Students

Mehta, Bella H; Casper, Kristin A (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2013)
Objective: To describe examples of effective teaching strategies utilized within a required nonprescription therapeutics course, in order to accommodate learning characteristics of Millennials. Case Study: Instructors ...

Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Two Transitions of Care Programs

Backes, Andrea C (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2013)

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