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Tourism in County Level Planning and Policy Documents

Qian, Xinyi; Barroso, Felipe; Messer, Cynthia (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2017)
Using the Community Capitals Framework, this study examined language in county-level comprehensive plans within a Minnesota region to identify opportunities to modify the language to aid communities in tourism development. ...

Minnesota Bicycle Counting

Lindsey, Greg (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2017)
This research estimates the number of bicycle trips and miles traveled in Minnesota. One approach based on a Metropolitan Council travel survey and estimates from the Census journey-to-work indicates Minnesotans take 85 ...

Beyond Fishing: The Mille Lacs Visitor Profile

Qian, Xinyi; Teng, Somongkol (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2017)
Visitor Profile, an applied research program using intercept surveys, provides data on visitor characteristics and behavior essential to destination marketing and tourism planning. Mille Lacs County needed updated visitor ...

Developing a Community Brand: Approach and Methods for the Park Rapids Lakes Area Branding Study

Bussiere, Merritt; Pesch, Ryan; Asche, Kelly; Cook, Brenna; Vetsch, Tayler; Lalum, Nicole; Erkkila, Daniel (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2017)
Most community branding studies focus on the preferences of visitors and travelers, which of course, makes sense. The Center for Small Towns, UMN Extension, and partners in the Park Rapids Lakes Area wondered if a ...

Business Climate for Resorts in Otter Tail County

Asche, Kelly; Pesch, Ryan; Erkkila, Dan; Leonard, Nick (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2017)
Although traditional resorts in Otter Tail County have significant local economic impact, challenges with regulations and taxation limit ability to operate and expand. The research team gathered information about resorts ...

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