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Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel  [60]

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Cut and drawn:Textile work from Nigeria

Eicher, Joanne B.; Erekosima, Tonye V.; Liedholm, Carl (1982)

Definition and classification of dress:Implications for analysis of gender roles

Eicher, Joanne B.; Roach, Mary E. Higgins (Berg Publishers, Inc., 1992)

The American groom wore a Celtic kilt:Theme weddings as canivalesque events

Winge, Theresa M.; Eicher, Joanne B. (Berg Publishers, 2003)

Eurocentrism in the study of ethnic dress

Baizerman, S.; Eicher, Joanne B.; Cerny, C. (Fairchild Publications, Inc., 2008)

Adolescent Dress, Part II: A Qualitative Study of Suburban High School Students

Eicher, Joanne B.; Baizerman, Suzanne; Michelman, John (Pryczak Publishers, reprinted with permission from Adolescence 26(10):679-686. Libra Publishers, inc., 1994)
Through observation and interviews of high school students, the role of dress in a non-psychiatric population was explored in order to provide data complimentary to the first phase of a larger research project. Adolescent ...

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