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Elizabeth Fine Weinfurter  [3]

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Report on the Assessment of the Federal Libraries Section Website and Recommendations for an Improved Web Presence and Communications Strategy

Weinfurter, Elizabeth Fine (2013-06-28)
In 2011, leadership of the Federal Libraries Section (FLS) of the Medical Library Association (MLA) felt that the Section’s website was out of date and could be improved. The FLS proposed a project, in which a member of ...

2012-2013 MLA Rising Stars

Brown, Heather; Garcia Milian, Rolando; Holmes, Kristi; Nunez, Annabelle; Weinfurter, Elizabeth Fine (2013-05)
The MLA Rising Star program has been developed by the MLA Emerging Leaders Task Force for MLA members who are interested in attaining leadership roles in MLA but who have not yet become active at a national level. The ...

MLA Rising Stars Program, 2012-2013: Federal Libraries Section Website Evaluation Project

Weinfurter, Elizabeth Fine (2013-05)
This poster, presented at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association (May 3-8, Boston, MA) gives an overview of the project conducted by Elizabeth Fine Weinfurter, Univ. of Minnesota, as part of the 2012-2013 ...