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Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS)   [92]

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SCFT Input Files and Free Energy Output for "Stable Frank–Kasper phases of self-assembled, soft matter spheres"

Reddy, Abhiram; Buckley, Michael B; Arora, Akash; Bates, Frank S; Dorfman, Kevin D; Grason, Gregory M (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 2018)

Data for Order and Disorder in ABCA′ Tetrablock Terpolymers

Radlauer, Madalyn R; Arora, Akash; Matta, Megan E; Bates, Frank S; Hillmyer, Marc A; Dorfman, Kevin D (2020-11-16)

Data for "3D Printing-Enabled DNA Extraction for Long-Read Genomics" published as ACS Omega 2020, 5, 20817-20824

Agrawal, Paridhi; Reifenberger, Jeffrey G; Dorfman, Kevin D (2020-08-31)
The deposited data files have DNA size measurement critical to demonstrating long DNA extraction in the microfluidic device, and DNA concentration measurement to show the yield of the platform.

Data for: Diffusion of Knots along DNA Confined in Nanochannels

Ma, Zixue; Dorfman, Kevin D (2020-08-05)
We study the diffusion of knots along relaxed DNA in nanochanels using a nanofluidic "knot factory" device for knot generation. The knot diffusion data for the article is published as "Diffusion of knots along DNA Confined ...

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