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Master of Liberal Studies Final Projects  [51]

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American Muslim Organizations: Response to Counterterrorism Initiatives

Michel, Amber (2015-12)
Counterterrorism efforts in the US have discriminatorily targeted Muslims through the use of surveillance, infiltration, paid informants and other forms of harassment. In this project, I examine the narrative generated by ...

Documenting Hmong and Lao Refugee Resettlement: A Tale of Two Contrasting Communities

Ratsabout, Saengmany (2015-05)
This paper explores the migration of refugees from Laos to the United States following a civil war further complicated by U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Drawing from previous studies on Southeast ...

Handmade and Personal: A Companion Piece to Here, Mom (A Video Art Project)

Reyes, Jes (2014-12)
This paper serves as an introspective commentary on the conceptualization, development, and realization of Here, Mom, an experimental video art project. This project's research in the cinematic arts, art history, contemporary ...

Fashion Speaks: A Process Paper for WEARING JAPAN, an installation of fashion art

Koster, Kelly (2014-12)
Japan and the U.S. share a history of pulling in “outsider” ideas to reinvent their cultures. In the mid-to-late-nineteenth-century, Japan ushered in a market economy and American technology while the West developed an ...

Leadership Styles and Physical Environments that Support and Advance Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Kober, Erin (2014-12)
In order to support the shift from the service economy to the experience economy, organizations must innovate. To create an innovative environment, organizations must motivate, lead and create a space that supports individuals ...

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