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Master of Liberal Studies Final Projects  [61]

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Ma and the Charlotte Partridge Ordway Japanese Garden: A Reflection of Space, Time and Place

Mastel, Kristen (2016-08)
“Ma” is a Japanese philosophy that combines space, time, and place that provides a mechanism to understand Japanese garden aesthetics. The medium of papercutting is used to explore the concept of “ma” using the subject of ...

Exhibiting Jane: Making Classic Literature Accessible to a Museum Audience

King, Gina H (2016-08)
This paper investigates Jane Austen’s connection with her brother, Edward Austen Knight, and his contribution to Jane’s work, particularly her novel, Emma. This study explores how Edward’s wealth and status influenced ...

Ownership, Aggregation, and Visualization: Exploring the Relationship Between People and Their Data

Fillman, Scott A (2016-08)
Personal data are a commodity in the United States, yet there is little research regarding how people view, connect with, and relate to their personal data. This critical inquiry uses Google search term data and a secondary ...

The View from the Road: Tourist Routes and the Transformation of Scenic Vision in Western Norway

Tvedten, Kristian (2012-05)
This paper explores how Norway’s National Tourist Routes are emblematic of the ways in which scenic landscapes are appropriated and patterned on a historical model of visual distinction. By privileging scenic vision above ...

Media as Weaponry: How Civil War Media Shaped Opinion and Morale

Spears, Matthew (2016-05)
This thesis focuses on the role of media during the Civil War and how it shaped the nation’s opinion and morale. It includes how media was used, by whom, and for what purposes. Specifically, I examine the various technologies ...

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