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University of Minnesota Rochester‘s alumni podcast. Beyond the Nest highlights the lives of Raptor alumni, their work, and lessons learned along the way.
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    The Journey from Science to Linguistics
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2024-02-08) Fluegel, Sabrina; Altrichter, Shanna
    This episode of Beyond the Nest features Sabrina Fluegel '17 and Professor Shanna Altrichter who catch up on Sabrina’s path since graduation. The two discuss how Sabrina discovered a passion for linguistics at a science-based UMR and how lessons she learned in Professor Altrichter’s class have stuck with her throughout her educational journey.
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    Go and Be Curious
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-12-11) O'Bryan, Bethany; Metzger, Kelsey
    In this episode of Beyond the Nest, 2018 graduate Bethany O’Bryan and Dr. Kelsey Metzger, professor of biology at UMR discuss the importance of being curious and comparisons between patient care medicine and veterinary medicine. Bethany also shares the positive impact her experiences at UMR have had on her continued education.
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    2023 State of the Campus
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-11-03) Carrell, Lori; Nguyen, Heidi
    This special State of the Campus episode of Beyond the Nest features two of our campus leaders, Chancellor Lori Carrell and Rochester Student Association President Heidi Nguyen '26. The two sit down to connect on exciting things happening on campus, including new academic partnerships and the importance of community on the student experience.
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    The Flexibility to Explore
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-06-16) Seisler, Rachel; Doyle, Evan
    In celebration of UMR's first 10-year reunion, this special edition of Beyond the Nest features UMR alumni, Evan Doyle '13 and Rachel Seisler '14. The two touch on a wide variety of topics including what brought Evan to UMR, the campus climate in those early years, capstone experiences and more.
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    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-05-30) Olson, Molly; Hooke, Jenn; Telander, Parry; Ryan, Ellie; Doyle, Evan
    In episode 5 of this season of Beyond the Nest, we conclude our story on the origins of UMR with a look at the Class of 2013 and what it took to get them to USquare. Listen as early UMR Admissions Representatives and Success Coaches chat about the work required to recruit the first class and how they provided a unique and novel system of support, mentorship, and advisement. And hear from University of Minnesota Rochester alumni Ellie Ryan and Evan Doyle as they share how they first learned of UMR and what it was like to blaze new pathways at startup campus. If you would like to share your UMR journey, please check out UMR's LinkedIn or send an email to
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    Reimagining Higher Education
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-04-27)
    In episode 4 of this season of Beyond the Nest, we hear from University of Minnesota Rochester's founding generation of academic leaders, innovators, advisors, and strategists. Through their stories we hear how each arrived in Rochester, the unique way in which UMR approaches its academics, how new paradigms within Higher Education are built, and the reasoning behind many of the campus' most innovative student-facing programs.
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    Tabula Rasa
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-03-23) Lehmkuhle, Stephen
    Episode 3 of this season of Beyond the Nest profiles UMR’s inaugural Chancellor Stephen Lehmkuhle, Ph.D. As the first chancellor of one of the country’s most innovative public institutions of higher education, Dr. Lehmkuhle had one of academia’s rarest of opportunities - starting a new campus from scratch. Follow Dr. Lehmkuhle as he moves from the classroom to the research bench to the big chair on campus.
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    From Concept to Creation
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-02-15)
    Episode 2 continues the tale of UMR as a Rochester campus of the University of Minnesota moves from Concept to Creation. The story picks up in 1985 with a gathering of dynamic Rochester leaders tasked with preparing the community for the coming Millennium. It follows their work over a two-decade span resulting in the ringing endorsement of a Minnesota Governor eager to approach Higher Education with an innovative lens. The work of these tireless advocates and champions of a U of M campus in Rochester laid the foundation for innovative thinkers to shake Higher Education like an Etch a Sketch and build a new university from scratch.
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    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2023-01-18)
    In 2009 – against the backdrop of the Great Recession – more than 50 trailblazing students walked through the hallowed halls of the Galleria Mall at University Square, up a rickety escalator to a space that used to serve as a movie theater to guinea pig a new and novel approach to Higher Education in the 21st century. Across this new 5-episode season of Beyond the Nest, we examine the history of Rochester, the origins of UMR, the powerful personalities who envisioned a U of M campus in Med City, and those who built our first class of Raptor graduates. Episode 1 – Beginnings focuses on the founding of the city of Rochester, the calamitous events that gave birth to the Mayo Clinic, and how a young graduate from the University of Minnesota named Marilyn Stewart started a six decade-long journey to bring a U of M campus to Rochester.
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    Whatever You Do, Try To Be Good At It
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-12-12) Craker, Bradley; Ribikawskis, Anna
    In the final episode of Season 3, 2020 graduate Bradley Craker catches up with his former Student Success Coach Anna Ribikawskis. The two chat about what led Bradley to UMR, his unique career path after graduation, and advice to younger students. Currently, Bradley is the owner-operator of British Automotive Specialties, a company he started with his father last year in Hebron, Illinois.
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    It Takes Guts
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-11-14) Hernandez, Patricia; Carrell, Lori
    In this episode of Beyond the Nest, University of Minnesota Rochester's alumni podcast, UMR Chancellor Lori Carrell chats with Rochester Student Association President Patricia Hernandez. The two discuss Patricia's journey through UMR, her career aspirations, and the experiences which led her to a role in campus student leadership.
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    I'm a True Believer in mentorship
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-12-12) Ali, Hawa; Hooke, Jenn
    In this episode of Beyond the Nest, 2016 UMR graduate, Dr. Hawa Ali, catches up with her Student Success Coach Jenn Hooke. Now a resident at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Ali is a Otolaryngology Specialist and focuses her work on ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery. Dr. Ali and Jenn chat about discovering UMR, the power of mentorship, and how medical student pick their specialties.
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    It's as Simple as Love
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-09-12) Orakwue, Amarachi; Orakwue, Chidiogo
    In the first episode of Season 3 of Beyond the Nest, 2022 UMR graduate, Chidiogo Orakwue, chats with her sister Amarachi, a 2020 graduate of the University of Minnesota Rochester. Chidiogo and Amarachi reminisce about their time at UMR, discovering the campus in their own backyard, and preparing for and entering medical school. Presently, Amarachi is in her second year of med school at the University of Minnesota Medical Center; and Chidiogo is preparing for the MCAT as she works toward medical school herself.
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    That's When I Decided I Wanted to be a Therapist
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-05-23) Ziebell, Monica; Nelson, Grace
    In this episode of Beyond the Nest, 2019 graduate Monica Ziebell chats with UMR Student Success Coach Grace Nelson. The two catch up and discuss how Monica picked UMR, internship experiences that led to a pathway realization, and building a career in resilience, mental health, and well-being. Presently, Monica is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with NUWAY, a non-profit serving individuals recovering from substance use and mental health disorders. Following UMR, Monica went on to earn a Master of Professional Studies in Addiction Counseling from the University of Minnesota's College of Continuing & Professional Studies, and most recently, Monica started pursuing a second master’s degree in social work from St. Mary's University in Rochester, Minnesota. If you would like to share your UMR journey, please reach out on LinkedIn or send an email to
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    We Were all Flying by the Seat of our Pants
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-04-26) Schlief, Mason; Bright, Jered
    In this episode of Beyond the Nest, 2019 graduate Mason Schlief connects with UMR mathematics professor Jered Bright. The two discuss how Mason happened upon UMR, her experiences with living learn communities such as Health CORE, and what led her to focus on a career pathway in resilience, mental health, and well-being. Currently, Mason is a Care Coordinator with Zumbro Valley Health where she counsels individuals facing challenges related to mental health and substance abuse and addiction. Previously, Mason held the role of Mental Health Practitioner with Fernbrook Family Center. Additionally, Mason recently began a Master of Social Work program at the University of North Dakota.
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    It's Not About You
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-03-15) Jorgenson, Emily; Dunbar, Robert
    Please note that this episode contains discussions of traumatic events, including addiction, suicide, and death. Listener discretion is advised. In this episode of Beyond the Nest, 2016 graduate Emily Jorgenson talks with neuroscience faculty member, Dr. Robb Dunbar. Emily and Dr. Dunbar chat about what brought her to UMR, discovering a career in mental health and addiction counseling, and how to avoid putting yourself in a box. Currently, Emily is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. In addition to receiving her Bachelor of Science at UMR, Emily earned a Masters of Mental Health and Addiction Counseling from the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School for Addiction Studies, as well as a certificate in Organizational Leadership from Oregon State University.
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    Build a Really Good LinkedIn Profile
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-02-15) Mark, Gavin; Dingel, Molly
    In this episode, 2014 graduate Gavin Mark chats with UMR sociology Professor Molly Dingel. Currently, Gavin works for Syneos Health where he performs monitoring and site management activites for Phase I-IV clinical research projects. Gavin and Professor Dingel discuss Gavin's time at UMR, life in clinical research, and how to build a professional network. For those interested in learning more about careers in clinical research, Gavin mentioned the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) as a resource for networking, job opportunities, and continuing education.
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    This is a Piece of Cake
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2022-01-17) Addani, Mohamed; Olson, Rachel
    In the first episode of Beyond the Nest's second season, 2018 graduate Mohamed Addani catches up with UMR biology faculty member Rachel Olson. Currently, Mohamed is a doctoral candidate at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences where his focused his research on developing strategies to confront health disparities in regenerative medicine treatments.
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    Your Journey is Unique
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2021-12-13) Chandiramani, Mitya; Hooke, Jenn
    In this episode of Beyond the Nest, UMR Senior Success Coach Jenn Hooke chats with 2017 graduate Nitya Chandiramani. The two discuss Nitya's time at UMR, mentorship, and her work on the business side of healthcare.
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    2021 State of the Campus
    (University of Minnesota Rochester, 2021-11-09) Carrell, Lori J.
    In this special State of the Campus episode of Beyond the Nest, Chancellor Lori J. Carrell, Ph.D. sits down with Rochester Student Association (RSA) President Yusra Yusuf for a discussion on life at UMR in 2021, the manner in which the pandemic has changed school and the way we work, and how students have responded to multiple disruptions with resilience and compassion.