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Historical note: The University of Minnesota is governed by a Board of Regents whose twelve members are elected by the legislature from each of Minnesota's eight congressional districts and four from the state at large. The president of the University is ex officio president of the Board. The Board meets monthly (except for January and August) on the second Friday and the preceding Thursday. The policies of the Board of Regents provide the framework and direction for the administration of the University. Link to the Regents' website for current information.

Collection Description: The Minutes the Board of Regents document the process of University governance at the highest level. They are used for a variety of historical and administrative purposes, such as tracking the development of University policy, identifying specifics on the terms of major gifts to the University, and detailing the process of campus planning.

This collection includes full text of the minutes of the Board of Regents. It also includes a digitized card index to the Minutes, which was created by Archives staff over many years. Also included is an Index to the Supplements to the Minutes. The Supplements themselves are in paper form only and available at the University Archives in Elmer L. Andersen Library

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