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"Tucker Center Talks" is a podcast with Tucker Center Director, Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi as host and featuring invited guests, timely critiques, the latest research, and dialogue around girls and women in sport.

The podcast is available at https://www.cehd.umn.edu/tuckercenter/news/podcast/default.html.

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    Tucker Center Talks: S4E3 - Dr. Libby Sharrow: The Intersection of Political Science, Gender & Sport
    (2022-12-16) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Sharrow, Elizabeth (Libby)
    In this episode, Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi (she/her) talks with Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Sharrow (they/she) is Associate Professor of Public Policy and History at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They specialize in the gendered politics of public policy, political history of Title IX and how policy has shaped intersectional meanings of identities. We talk about research, forthcoming new book, Title IX narratives and power as a case study, how sex segregation helps and hinders girls and women in sport, and their advice to young women scholars.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S4E2 - The DisruptHERS: Driving a New Model of Women's Sport
    (2022-08-30) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Lough, Nancy; Pegoraro, Ann; Lebel, Katie; Mumcu, Ceyda; Antunovic, Dunja
    For decades, scholars and advocates of women’s sport have called for a change in how women’s sport is marketed, sponsored, endorsed, promoted, covered, invested in, capitalized upon, and broadcast. Men’s sport grew and became popular and lucrative precisely because of media attention and investment, initially and over time, which is often overlooked as the seeds for its success. Women’s sport has deserved equal resources, yet has not been provided adequate investment, which is then used as a false narrative depicting women’s sport as not as lucrative, successful, and popular as men’s sport—a classic chicken-egg circular argument. We add to this conversation the concept of digital disruption to ground understanding of a new model of women’s sport, that we argue, is emerging. Join me, Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, as I talk to the #disrutpHERS Drs. Nancy Lough, Ann Pegoraro, Katie Lebel, Ceyda Mumcu, & Dunja Antunovic, as we discuss our report!
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    Tucker Center Talks: S4E1 - 2022 Gender Equity Summer Internship Recap
    (2022-08-15) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Caravaglia, Johanna; Glaaser, Johanna; Johnson, Nicole; Jariwala, Mahi
    Listen to our cohort of six amazing Tucker Center Summer Gender Equity Summer Interns from around the US, Gina Caravaglia, Johanna Glaaser, Nicole Johnson, Mahi Jariwala, talk about what they learned this summer, key take-aways, what was surprising and what they want future summer interns to know!
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E16 - Research on Women's Football and Soccer
    (2022-12-21) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Antunovic, Dunja
    Nicole talks to a colleague at the University of Minnesota Dr. Dunja Antunovic (who first appeared in S2E11) about her latest research of women in American Football, the Women’s World Cup, and some exciting upcoming projects.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E15 - Why Women Need to Disrupt
    (2021-11-25) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Level, Katie; Lough, Nancy; Pegoraro, Ann
    On this week’s episode, Nicole talks to some #disruptHERS colleagues — Drs. Katie Lebel, Nancy Lough, and Ann Pegoraro — about recent disruptions in women’s sport, which continue to make headlines. They begin with the recent situation surrounding Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, 35, a three-time Olympian, who has been missing since November 2, when she used social media to accuse Zhang Gaoli, 75, a former vice premier of China, of sexually assaulting her at his home three years ago. The IOC President Thomas Bach held a video call with Peng, which was unconvincing to experts. The many reported incidents of abuse and harassment by coaches in the National Women’s Soccer League is also discussed. They conclude with why women’s sports needs men as allies to oust offenders and why leadership in sport needs women to move the needle.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E14 - Cultural Narratives About Women in Sport
    (2021-09-23) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Kane, Mary Jo
    In this week's episode, Nicole talks with her predecessor Dr. Mary Jo Kane, Professor Emerita and Founder of the Tucker Center about perspectives on current cultural narratives and trends related to girls and women in sport, the NCAA Gender Equity Review, the Olympics and beyond.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E13 - Cultural Narratives About Women in Sport
    (2021-08-19) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Lough, Nancy; Lebel, Katie; Antunovic, Dunja
    In this episode, Nicole discusses disruptions at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with returning guests, colleagues, Tucker Center Affiliated Scholars and #disruptHERS Drs. Nancy Lough, Katie Lebel, Dunja Antunovic. Their aim is to bring attention to the people, organizations, and events that disrupt the status quo and the normative masculine behavior model of sport. A new report on participation and viewing figures for the Tokyo Games emphasizes the value of and interest in women’s sport.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E12 - Tucker Center Gender Equity Intern's Recap
    (2021-08-05) LaVoi, Nicole M.
    Joining Nicole this week is the Tucker Center team of ten summer Gender Equity Interns to talk about the projects they have worked on, the theory behind their research, what they have already learned about research, and what they want everyone to know about the Tucker Center and the work it does for women and girls in sport.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E11 - Women in College Coaching Report Card
    (2021-07-15) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Boucher, Courtney; Kahn, Megan
    The Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport and WeCOACH teamed up for a special episode to discuss the latest Women in College Coaching Report Card. In this podcast, Tucker Center Director Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi and TC Research Assistant, Courtney Boucher and WeCOACH CEO Megan Kahn review the latest results and data. They talk about data trends, grades and leaders for institutions, sports, and conferences, as well as the new race-related data, how the report card is being used to make a difference, and the WeAmplify initiative.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E10 - An Ally in Gender & Sport
    (2021-06-24) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Baeth, Ann
    Nicole's guest this week is Dr. Anna Baeth, Director of Research at Athlete Ally; an organization with the mission to end the rampant homophobia and transphobia in sport and to activate the athletic community to exercise their leadership to champion LGBTQI+ equality. Anna is a former Research Assistant in the Tucker Center, and forever a member of the Tucker Team. She is a field hockey and lacrosse coach, at all levels, notably was head field hockey coach at Oberlin College, a graduate of the Masters in Coaching program at Smith College and earned her BA at Swarthmore. In this week’s show we talk about code switching related to gender and competition, her dissertation research on supports for women coaches, the Athletic Equality Index she helped develop at Athlete Ally, and advice for young women scholars.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E9 - Diversity Research in Sport Psychology
    (2021-06-10) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Larsen, Leslie
    Nicole’s guest this week is Dr. Leslie K. Larsen, an associate professor in Kinesiology at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). She holds a PhD in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology from the University of Tennessee. Her research interests include cultural sport psychology, women in coaching, and coach education. She is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through (Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and a member of the Executive Board of the Western Society for Physical Education of College Women. She has also worked as part of the CSUS Institutional Equity Collaborative and the College of Health and Human Services Anti-Racism Task Force to develop equity and inclusion training programs for faculty and staff and to amplify student voices throughout CSUS’s campus. Leslie is a former Mental Conditioning Coach at IMG Academy and a former NCAA Division I women’s basketball coach. We talk about her research pertaining to Black female assistant basketball coaches and the multiple oppressions they face, her current work surrounding trans-athlete inclusion, and social justice, as well as valuable advice for young women scholars.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E8 - Recent Disrupters in Women's Sport
    (2021-05-13) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Antunovic, Dunja; Lebel, Katie; Lough, Nancy; Mumcu, Ceyda; Pegoraro, Ann
    On this week’s episode, Nicole talks to her disrupters [#disruptHERS] colleagues— Drs. Dunja Antunovic, Katie Lebel, Nancy Lough, Ceyda Mumcu, and Ann Pegoraro — about recent disruptions in women’s sport, and there have been many! We talk about disruption examples in sponsorship, retail, venture capital, women in sport technology, the benefit for female athletes, NFT’s, and Google’s recent announcement to sponsor 25 games of the 25th season of the WNBA and more. The key point we make is that investing in women’s sport right now is a GREAT bet. Listen in to hear our full conversation.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E7 - TV Coverage of Women’s Sport
    (2021-04-29) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Cooky, Cheryl
    On this week's episode, Nicole talks with colleague Dr. Cheryl Cooky who is professor of American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Purdue University. She is the co-author of No Slam Dunk: Gender, Sport and the Unevenness of Social Change, Past President of NASSS, current editor of Sociology of Sport Journal, Tucker Center affiliated scholar and one of the most respected critical feminist, gender and sport scholars around the globe. We talk about her newest installment of the longitudinal study on women’s and men’s sports in televised news in the U.S. aptly titled One and Done: The Long Eclipse of Women's Televised Sports. Dr. Cooky shares her advice for young scholars and we preview her upcoming book.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E6 - Research on Women in Sports Leadership
    (2021-04-15) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Darvin, Lindsey
    In this episode, Nicole talks with Dr. Lindsey Darvin, an Assistant Professor in the Sport Management Department at SUNY Cortland. Lindsey gained her Ph.D. in Sport Management from the University of Florida, an M.S. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Sport Management, and her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College in Political Science, where she was a two-sport NCAA student-athlete. We talk about her research related to women in sport leadership, her new work in e-sport, our project together and advice to young women scholars.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E5 - The Behavior of Women's Sports Fans
    (2021-04-01) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Mumcu, Ceyda
    This week's guest is Dr. Ceyda Mumcu, an associate professor of sport management at the University of New Haven. She is an expert on fan behavior, marketing analytics in sport, and marketing of women’s sports and marketing to women sport fans. She published one of the first sport analytics textbooks which has been sold in 27 countries and across every continent. In a prior life before the academy she played professional basketball for eight years at Turkish Women’s Professional Basketball League. She is the newest member of #disruptHERS.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E4 - Same Gender Role Models in Sport Matter
    (2021-03-04) LaVoi, Nicole M.
    This week, Nicole talks about why it matters to have women in positions of authority in sport. She identifies gaps in the literature, and shares a new study about women role models in sport. This is an important topic that will help all advocates for girls and women in sport use data to tell the story about why women matter in sport.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E3 - A Career of Gender & Sport Management Research
    (2021-02-17) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Fink, Janet
    On this week’s episode, Nicole talks to colleague Dr. Janet Fink, a Tucker Center Affiliated Scholar, and Associate Dean and Professor of Sport Management at UMass Amherst. Her area of expertise is Sport Marketing/Sport Consumer Behavior; Marketing of Female Athletes and Women’s Sport and Diversity Issues in Sport. They discuss how marketing women’s sport shouldn’t marginalize female athletes, why sex doesn’t sell women’s sport, our journey down the Mississippi River together with Dr. Mary Jo Kane, and her advice for young women scholars.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E2 - Undoing the Culture of Sport
    (2021-02-04) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Walker, Nefertiti
    This week, Nicole talks to colleague Dr. Nefertiti Walker, a Tucker Center Affiliated Scholar, and Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer, and Associate Professor of Sport Management at UMass Amherst. Her area of expertise pertains to exclusionary aspects of the sport organizational culture around intersectionality, race, and gender. They discuss exclusion of women, equity, the uncomfortable work of undoing culture, her forthcoming provocative book with Dr. David Berri (which will stir up the trolls of women’s sport) and her advice for young women scholars. Dr. Walker is a panelist for the Tucker Center Fall 2020 Distinguished Lecture Series Black Women in Sport: Voices of Resistance & Athlete Activism.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S3E1 - Women in Organizational Sport Leadership
    (2021-01-20) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Burton, Laura
    Launching a third season of Tucker Center Talks, Dr. LaVoi talks to colleague Dr. Laura Burton, Professor and Department Head, of Neag School of Education at U Conn. Dr. Burton is a Tucker Center affiliated scholar, gender and sport leadership expert, and a woman who has lived a personal and professional life fighting for gender equity. She co-edited a seminal book on this topic with Dr. Sarah Leberman Women in Sport Leadership: Research and Practice for Change (2017). We talk about her work, how to create system change, what she is excited about, and advice for young women scholars. To sign up for the #disruptHERS ‘Stat of the Week’ that draws attention to people, organizations, and events that disrupt the status quo in sport. #disruptHERS is a campaign and movement that highlights disruptions to the normative model of sport, created by and for men, and that privileges men, and why it matters.
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    Tucker Center Talks: S2E23 - Tucker Center Talks: S2E23 - Dr. Akilah Carter Francique: Voices of Resistance & Rage, Black Female Athlete Activism
    (2020-12-10) LaVoi, Nicole M.; Carter Francique, Akilah
    On this season finale, Nicole talks to colleague Dr. Akilah Carter Francique, Executive Director for The Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change (ISSSSC) at San Jose State, which continues the legacy and dialogue about athlete activism and the influence of sport in effecting positive social change. Akilah was part of a scholarly panel for the Fall 2020 Tucker Center Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) where she talked about various types of rage experienced by Black women. We hear her talk more in depth about how she came to frame her remarks around rage, using anger as information as well as healing, and answer some audience questions we didn’t get to during the live lecture. We end with her advice to young female scholars about the initiatives and productive work of the ISSSSC.