and breast cancer

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and breast cancer

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Welcome to Public Health Moment from the University of Minnesota. Ductal carcinoma in situ -- or DCIS -- is defined as an abnormal collection of cells in the milk ducts of the breast. Today, DCIS accounts for about a fourth of all positive breast cancer screenings. But DCIS is not itself considered breast cancer. As a result, it remains unclear how aggressively to treat the condition. That’s according to University of Minnesota health policy professor Beth Virnig. In a report last week for the National Cancer, she and her colleagues called for more research. <Clip: “This is not actually breast cancer. … in a much, less aggressive way.”> Virnig notes that treatments for DCIS can often result in complications and side effects. <clip: “This is an ongoing issue. … for them, and for their particular risk factors.”> For Public Health Moment, I’m John Finnegan



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