GPS FASER Flight 01

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GPS FASER Flight 01

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Date: 11/17/11 Location: ACRC Aircraft: GPS FASER Pilot: Arion Mangio Flights: 2 GPS FASER Weather Sunny, light westerly winds, temps around 25F. METAR KANE 171855Z 26008KT 10SM SKC M02/M12 A3011= We took GPS FASER to ACRC to gather carrier phase GPS data from the onboard receivers and a ground receiver, and to test two nav fitlers. We completed 2 flights. Winds were a direct crosswind. The new nav filters were running, but the old AHRS filter was used to provide attitude estimates and feed the control law. Note the saved IMU data DOES NOT have any biases subtracted. The controller used for all flights was the student controller. GPS FASER Flight 01: student controller, standard roll/pitch doublets. (guidance/doublet_phi_theta.c) 15 state EKF nav filter running in background.

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