Genre Analysis Course Design: Graphic Novels and Beyond

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Genre Analysis Course Design: Graphic Novels and Beyond

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This paper details the creation of a course in Genre Analysis which focuses on four major genres: graphic novels, narratives, description of a process, and argument rationale. Students are taught to critically analyze and produce these texts using discourse analysis in order to prepare them for the rigors of reading and writing in academia. A Needs Analysis first describes the specific learners targeted by the course and what knowledge gap it fills. Then, the paper outlines what specific learning objectives are required to meet student needs. Next the paper describes how the material in the course is sequenced and explains what materials are used. Lastly, it describes more in-depth the day-to-day work, and then it explains the assessment procedures and gives evaluative rubrics for the major assessments.



1 online resource (PDF, 69 pages). Plan B paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts in TESOL for Higher Education, Second Language Education, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, University of Minnesota.

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