Fluid Dynamics in the ICM

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Fluid Dynamics in the ICM

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Gas stripping of elliptical galaxies in clusters is accompanied by a wealth of fluid dynamics features, including an upstream contact discontinuity between the galactic gas and the cluster ICM, the upstream bow shock, Kelvin-Helmholz-instabilities at the sides of the galactic atmosphere, the galaxy’s gas tail and its wake along its orbit through the ICM. The prominence of each of these features is modified by additional aspects or processes, e.g., the stage of the stripping process, the ellipticity of the galaxy’s potential, transport coefficients in the ICM, or simultaneous AGN activity. I will compare our recent simulations with deep X-ray observations of several galaxies.


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Roediger, Elke. (2016). Fluid Dynamics in the ICM. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/182077.

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