Usability Testing For A Non-Functioning Mockup of A Tdcs Stroke therapy System

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Usability Testing For A Non-Functioning Mockup of A Tdcs Stroke therapy System

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This study examined the usability of a custom telerehabilitation therapy system for adults with stroke. The system included a non-functioning mockup of a hat that would apply transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to the users. The tDCS would be used in conjunction with a video game that was designed as the mechanism through which physical therapy would be done. The goal of this study was to determine if the therapy system would be easy for adults with stroke to set up and use with a therapist instructing them remotely, but without anyone physically present to assist them. Five therapists and five users were trained on the system and then asked to execute a therapy session. Observations were recorded during the session and participants were interviewed about their experience afterwards. In general, the participants found the system easy to use. Most participants thought it would get easier with more practice. The participants offered suggestions for how to improve the system. These suggestions were categorized and recorded for future implementation. Because proper electrode alignment is critical when it comes to brain stimulation, a repeatability test was also performed with the users. The repeatability data was analyzed using the mean and standard deviations of the tDCS hat placement locations. The data showed that users were able to align the tDCS hat and its electrodes within 0.68 cm, which was below the 1.3 cm acceptance threshold.


University of Minnesota M.S.M.E. thesis.June 2020. Major: Mechanical Engineering. Advisor: William Durfee. 1 computer file (PDF); vi, 93 pages.

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