From desk to web: Creating safety nets in the online library

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From desk to web: Creating safety nets in the online library

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Association of College & Research Libraries


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This chapter discusses ways reference and instruction librarians can extend their reach beyond one-to-one encounters and employ their expertise in three ways: 1. To proactively identify and analyze the points in our virtual and physical libraries where users stumble and often give up on the library. 2. To create “safety nets” or support structures at those fail points that gently catch the users and help them on their way. 3. To design more formalized and course integrated e-learning modules that prepare students to navigate and successfully use online resources and services.


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Veldof, Jerilyn R. (2008). From Desk to Web: Building the Reference Desk into Online Space. In Desk and Beyond: Next Generation Reference Services, edited by Sarah Steiner and Leslie Madden. Chicago: ACRL

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