Vireo Flight 32


Vireo Flight 32

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VIREO / Day16 / Flight32. TEST: Gather data for offline fault detection by injecting stuck surface fault with nominal controller. RESULT: Good flight, but detectability will be low unless changes in trajectory are performed. EVENTS: 1. First flight wherein stuck surface faults are injected WITHOUT controller reconfiguration. The goal is to see what the nominal controller does when a fault is injected. The flight data will be useful for offline fault detection. 2. Aircraft switched into alpha mode (both surfaces operational) and it transitions to a left cirle at 250 ft AGL, 30 kts, 150 m radius. 3. The aircraft is then switched to bravo mode (right elevon stuck at -5 deg TE up) with no control reconfiguration. 4. The aircraft does not exhibit any erratic behavior while in the circle. It was postulated that the circle is too mellow a trajectory to cause the nominal controller to behave erratically. 5. The aircraft was then commanded to follow a box route. The sharp turns required to perform the box excited the controller and the stuck surface turned out to be problematic. To help the aircraft regain control, we needed to switch into alpha. This back and forth between alpha and bravo was repeated till the end of mission.

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