Network Structure and Spatial Separation.

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Network Structure and Spatial Separation.

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The objective of this research is to identify the role of network architecture in influencing individual travel behavior using travel survey data from two urban areas in Florida: Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Various measures of network structure, compiled from existing sources, are used to quantify roadway networks, capture the arrangement and connectivity of nodes and links in the networks and the temporal and spatial variations that exist among and within networks. The results from the regression models estimated show that network design influences how people travel and make decisions. Results from this analysis can be used to understand how changes in network can be used to bring about desired changes in travel behavior.


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Parthasarathi, Pavithra, Hartwig Hochmair, and David Levinson (2012) Network Structure and Spatial Separation. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 39(1) 137-154.

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