Transform (Feb. 2007)

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Transform (Feb. 2007)

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University of Minnesota's Center for Teaching and Learning and the Academy of Distinguished Teachers




Transform’s mission is to explore the culture and scholarship of teaching and learning at both the local and national levels. It strives to be a place where faculty and instructors can showcase their research on teaching and where we might link learning issues at the University of Minnesota to national and international discussions on innovative educational practices and assessment.


Featured Articles: "Preparing Not to Lecture: Does Active Learning Really Work?" Sehoya Cotner "Teaching Like a Scientist: Becoming a SoTL Scholar." Emily Hoover "A Moving Force: A Memoir of Experiential Learning." Steve Simmons

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Cotner, Sehoya; Hoover, Emily; Simmons, Steve. (2007). Transform (Feb. 2007). Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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