CHGS Newsletter - November 2014

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CHGS Newsletter - November 2014

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November 2014 includes: November 9: A Day of Infamy or a Day of Celebration?, More than a Name: 82 years of NFL Racism, Surviving Forced Disappearance: Identity and Meaning, Bystanders, Rescuers, or Perpetrators? The Neutrals and the Shoah. Facts, Myths, and Counter Myths. International Conference in Madrid, Spain., Of Humanitarians and African Conflicts, Bearing Witness: 70 Years after the Liberation of Auschwitz: Featuring Feliz de la Concha's "Portraits & Conversations with Survivors of the Shoah", 100 Years of Genocide: Student Conference: A Call for Papers, Award-Winning Polish Film Ida to stream on Netflix beginning November 22, and Book of the Month: The Bloomsbury Companion to Holocaust Literature.



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