29th Avenue NE - A Streetscaping Plan for Audubon Park

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29th Avenue NE - A Streetscaping Plan for Audubon Park

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29th Avenue Northeast is an east-west corridor that connects Central Avenue and Stinson Parkway through the Audubon Park neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. The Avenue also runs through three blocks of the Waite Park neighborhood just west of Stinson. Along with Johnson Street, a north-south corridor, 29th Avenue is one of Audubon Park neighborhood's signature streets, connecting important destinations such as Audubon Park (a park bearing the namesake of John Audubon), a neighborhood retail node at 29th and Johnson, Northeast Middle School and Interstate 35W to the south. Aside from neighborhood retail along Johnson Street and Central Avenue, the neighborhood is largely comprised of detached single family and duplex residential. As the neighborhood plans for anticipated increases in traffi c and development, the Audubon Neighborhood Association (ANA), through its Central Avenue Area Task Force (CAATF) has commissioned a streetscape plan for 29th and the retail node at 29th + Johnson. City development plans call for major redevelopment of Shoreham Yards, which is currently a 230-acre rail yard operated by Canadian Pacific Rail. Incidentally, 29th Avenue is directly connected to Shoreham Yards at Central. If and when Shoreham Yards is redeveloped, 29th and Johnson Street would likely become commuter routes from 35W, a prospect that would have drastic implications for the safety and livability of the Audubon Park neighborhood. This plan aims to draw attention to this impending scenario and proposes streetscape enhancements, redevelopment and urban design guidelines. Although a neighborhood-initiated streetscape project is unprecedented in the city of Minneapolis, ANA is fully committed to the planning and implementation process. With a community engagement program, realistic implementation strategies and a clear vision of what 29th Avenue should look like, it is hoped that this plan will lead to the revival of 29th Avenue.

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Conducted on behalf of Audubon Neighborhood Association. Supported by Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization (NPCR), a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.

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Maleitzke, Adam. (2008). 29th Avenue NE - A Streetscaping Plan for Audubon Park. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/203824.

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