Computer Programs in Hydrology

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Computer Programs in Hydrology

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St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory




Many computer programs in the field of hydrology are developed each year and are playing an increasingly important part in both research and design activities in hydrology. Many of these programs are available for use by other agencies, organizations, and individuals. The study of which this report is a part was undertaken to review available programs in hydrology and to provide information on representative programs. Information ranging from the title only of the program to listings, source decks, and documentation was reviewed for about 200 programs. Of these, 25 were selected for operation on a CDC 6600 computer and or preparation of an abstract. The report discusses problems associated with adapting programs to a given computer and with understanding the technical procedure on which the program was based.



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United States Department of the Interior

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Bowers, C. Edward; Pabst, Arthur; Larson, Steven P.. (1972). Computer Programs in Hydrology. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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