Flying Wing Optimization

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Flying Wing Optimization

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The flying wing with camber, constant chord, and high aspect ratio is a stable platform and possible to fly in a controllable fashion. The main concern is in turning flight. A vertical fin may need to be used or more sophisticated drag creating control surfaces at the wing tips could be created. Also stabilizing electronics would need to be used for the yaw axis. Large control surfaces must be used to effectively change the shape of the wing and to give ample control in yaw. The weight saved by not having a tail section may be lost by having large control surfaces and more electronics. A good compromise may be to have a vertical fin and large ailerons instead of having drag flaps at the wing tips.


Additional contributor: Bernie Mettler (faculty mentor)

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Mangio, Arion L.. (2010). Flying Wing Optimization. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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