Generation of Air-Water Mixtures in Colsed Conduits by Aspiration

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Generation of Air-Water Mixtures in Colsed Conduits by Aspiration

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St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory




This report describes a theoretical and experimental investigation of aspirator-type generators for producing air-water mixtures in closed conduits. As a necessary corollary, some theoretical and experimental work was also performed on the flow of air-water mixtures in closed conduits downstream of the aspirator. The aspirator-type of air-water mixture generator was chosen for this study after a preliminary investigation because it gave a promise of producing large air-water ratios and some control of bubble size. The control of bubble size did not prove to be as great as was anticipated from the preliminary work, but there was no problem in achieving large air-water ratios. It is shown that aspirators should generally be designed without diffusers, both to save cost and to facilitate design using theoretical equations. The appropriate equations are developed. Experimental data are presented and compared with the theory, verifying it essentially. Bubble sizes, although correlated by the theory, are not predictable from it and must be obtained by experiment. Although the present experiments were confined to air-water mixtures, the theory is generally applicable to all liquids and gases.



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Prepared for the David Taylor Model Basin, Department of the Navy under Bureau of Ships Contract Nonr 710(07)

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Silberman, Edward; Ross, James A.. (1954). Generation of Air-Water Mixtures in Colsed Conduits by Aspiration. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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