Eagle Lake Pollution Control Project

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Eagle Lake Pollution Control Project

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Water Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota


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This report describes the cooperative efforts that a lake community and several governmental agencies undertook to alleviate increasing cultural eutrophication in Eagle Lake, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. Two non-point nutrient sources were identified: agricultural runoff and domestic sewage. A lake-encircling collection line now diverts the sewage to a treatment plant. Earthen dams with soil absorption fields have been tested as a means of removing nutrients from part of the watershed runoff. Coincident with initiation of these anti-pollution measures, a comprehensive research project was initiated. Detailed studies of the chemical, physical, and biological conditions in the lake were conducted before the sewage system was completed. Water and nutrient budget estimates have been made. Eagle Lake can be classified as moderately eutrophic. Socio-economic surveys of lakeshore residents, other watershed residents, and non-resident ice fishing users resulted in a base line data profile of recreation use of Eagle Lake and of attitudes toward the lake and toward the anticipated improvements. Hopefully these data will suggest a model of community action. These benchmark studies, while of intrinsic interest, will reach their ultimate utility as a reference for comparison with conditions in the watershed after the pollution control measures have been in operation. Such further studies are anticipated.


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Water Resources Research Center

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Abbott, Robinson S. Grohs, Roy J. Holt Robert F. Latterell, Joseph J. Nord, Bruce A. Straw, Thomas E. Timmons, Donald R. 1976. Eagle Lake Pollution Control Project. Water Resources Research Center.

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Abbott, Robinson S.; Grohs, Roy J.; Holt, Robert F.; Latterell, Joseph J.; Nord, Bruce A.; Straw, Thomas E.; Timmons, Donald R.. (1976). Eagle Lake Pollution Control Project. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/91937.

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