Bulletin No. 34. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology

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Bulletin No. 34. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology

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Minnesota Geological Survey




The following bibliography is limited to titles on the geology and mineralogy of Minnesota and is not intended to cover mining and metallurgy. Most of the titles have been taken from Geologic Literature on North America, 1785-1918 and Bibliography of North American Geology, published 1919-1948 as United States Geological Survey Bulletins 746, 747, 823, 937, 938, 949, 952, 958, 968; Annotated Bibliography of Economic Geology, 1928-1949 (except 1944-1945, not published); and Bibliography of Minnesota Mining and Geology and Supplement by Winifred Gregory, published in 1915 and 1920, respectively, as Minnesota School of Mines Experiment Stations Bulletins 4 and 8. Some references were found in private lists and in bibliographies and indexes of societies and journals which ordinarily are not concerned with North American geology. For many valuable suggestions and additions to the bibliography the compilers wish to express their cordial thanks to Dr. George A. Thiel, Chairman of the Geology Department of the University of Minnesota, and Dr. George M. Schwartz, Director of the Minnesota Geological Survey. Special appreciation is also extended to Mrs. Marilyn Jensen for her helpful work in typing and proof-reading, and to Mrs. Nancy Press of the University of Minnesota Press for her technical assistance.


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