Road Pricing in Practice

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Road Pricing in Practice

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Edward Elgar Publishers


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The history of turnpikes from their first deployment in the 17th century through their decline in the 19th century, and some restoration in the 20th century is analyzed with a view to understanding the systematic causes of these changes. Key factors posited to explain both the rise and decline include the length of trips using the roads, the size of the governing jurisdiction, the degree of excludability, and the transactions costs of collection - which dictate the size and scope of the free rider problem associated with financing. This paper concludes with some discussion of what is required for turnpikes to become the preferred financing mechanism for highways.



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California PATH, California Department of Transportation University of California Transportation Center

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Levinson, David (1999) Road Pricing in Practice. Chapter 2: Road Pricing, Traffic Congestion and the Environment, (1999) (ed. Ken Button, Erik Verhoef). Edward Elgar Publishers.

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