Asparagus production guide

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Asparagus production guide

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Asparagus is a high value specialty crop and the earliest producing spring vegetable. It currently is priced as a gourmet item and will remain in this category until growing, harvesting, and processing costs can be reduced. Although production in the United States is concentrated in California, Washington, and Michigan, many other areas have great production potential climatically and geographically. The cost to establish an asparagus field is substantial, so the decision to grow asparagus is one that should be thoroughly investigated. This publication describes the cultural practices that must be considered to produce asparagus successfully.


Production guide for commercially growing asparagus in Minnesota. This archival publication may not reflect current scientific knowledge or recommendations. Current information available from the University of Minnesota Extension:

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Fritz, Vincent A.; Rosen, Carl J.; Hutchinson, William D.; Becker, Roger L.; Beckerman, Janna; Wright, Jerry A.; Tong, Cindy B. S.; Nennich, Terry. (2013). Asparagus production guide. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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