Creating the One-Shot Library Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Creating the One-Shot Library Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide

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American Library Association




Whether teaching research skills to college freshman, Internet skills to seniors, or staff development sessions to employees, librarians are repeatedly called on to deliver instruction in their library settings. Many librarians have never learned the basics of instructional design, much less how to effectively deliver information in a short time span, and they typically only have a short period of time—“one shot”—to deliver information. From needs assessment through design and implementation to final evaluations, this practical guide takes librarians step by step through the workshop process. Using these proven instructional design principles, librarians can: * Assess learners and what they need * Train multiple library instructors to maintain consistency in teaching and outcomes * Replicate content for regularly scheduled workshops * Develop a standard of presentation (including handouts) to maximize learning * Evaluate results to ensure learners are getting what they need These principles of instructional design are for every librarian who delivers instruction in any form. Use the step-by-step checklist and ADDIE principles (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) to have a powerful impact on your audiences. With a focus on practical applications, this book shows instruction librarians how to make every minute count.


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Veldof, Jerilyn. 2006. Creating the One-Shot Library Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide. Chicago: American Library Association.

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