Evaluation of Lifeworks’ Progression Tool

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Evaluation of Lifeworks’ Progression Tool

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This evaluation seeks to analyze the effectiveness of the progression tool Lifeworks uses to develop person centered curriculum in their Community Skill Building (CSB) groups. Further, this evaluation seeks to provide Lifeworks guidance on how to revise the progression tool to improve the user experience and better meet the needs of program clients and staff. It consists of four interviews with Lifeworks Community Skill Building group facilitators, specialists, and managers at four sites: three in the Twin Cities Metro region and one in Mankato. Though this was a smaller sample size than initially intended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the evaluators feel that the recommendations outlined in this report are still worthwhile for Lifeworks to pursue, given the results we gathered. These recommendations are aimed at improving both the content and user experience of the tool: 1. Hold bi-monthly meetings with CSB staff members specifically about how they utilize the progression tool. 2. Create standardized policies surrounding the progression tool. 3. Encourage innovation and adaptation when administering the tool.Based on our findings, we believe that these recommendations will allow for Lifeworks’ to continue providing the tool to their CSB participants in a person-centered way, while alleviating some of the administrative burden currently on service specialists and facilitators. By creating a culture around the progression tool that incentivizes idea sharing and innovation, staff members will be able to seek organizational support and will have a more positive experience with the tool overall.


Capstone paper for the fulfillment of the Master of Public Policy degree.

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Ambuel, David; Wilson-King, Rachel. (2020). Evaluation of Lifeworks’ Progression Tool. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/214895.

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