The Minnesota Benefit Bank: Piloting Tax Preparation and Tax Credits

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The Minnesota Benefit Bank: Piloting Tax Preparation and Tax Credits

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The Minnesota Council of Churches is providing leadership to implement The Minnesota Benefit Bank pilot with hopeful assistance from multiple community partners. The pilot is aimed at providing a resource for individuals to complete their tax returns, while becoming familiar with The Minnesota Benefit Bank. Should the tax pilot prove to be successful, it is the hope of The Minnesota Benefit Bank Civic Infrastructure Working Group that there will be a growing desire and recognition of need for a more comprehensive implementation of all public benefit and tax credit programs. Should the interest be there, and when funding is available, Food Support, Cash Assistance, and Medical Assistance will be added. The proposed pilot will be implemented in seven to fifteen locations across the twin cities area, using paid staff and volunteers to assist the process. Essentially, the ultimate goal of The Minnesota Benefit Bank is to become a tool to strengthen families and build stronger community assets in Minnesota.

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Prepared in partnership with the Minnesota Council of Churches. Funded by a Communiversity Personnel Grant from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.

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