17 Soils: Settling, Stealing, Stirring

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17 Soils: Settling, Stealing, Stirring

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Within 17 Soils: Settling, Stealing, Stirring I invite the viewer, especially those non-native like myself, to look at soil with new eyes. Using 9 soils from Mni Sota Makoce/ Minnesota and 6 soils from the Gorama Mɛnde chiefdom in Sierra Leone, I paint images of connection to earth. Through the lens of analog photography and digital manipulation, my frame wanders from the farming village in Mɔndema to my own backyard and public gardens in the Twin Cities. Within this text is a collectively written soil index, selected images, and essays describing my internal approach towards creating this installation of paintings and light bench.


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Linqduist, Stephanie A.. (2022). 17 Soils: Settling, Stealing, Stirring. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/241475.

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