The State of Minnesota's Republican Party and Conservative Movement


The State of Minnesota's Republican Party and Conservative Movement

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Does Minnesota's Republican Party remain a vehicle for the conservative movement? What is the defining character of conservatism? These questions are being debated among social conservatives, economic libertarians, and idealistic military hawks in Minnesota and nationally. For instance, Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign may make the GOP competitive in normally safe Democratic regions like the Northeast and the Northwest but it has sparked threats from social conservatives that they will bolt the Party for a third party candidate. Mike Huckabee is backed by social conservatives but faces stiff opposition from economic conservatives who criticize his tax and spending hikes as governor of Arkansas. An accomplished and prominent panel will discuss the current state of Minnesota's Republican Party and conservative movement. PANELISTS Steve Sviggum, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Bill Cooper, former Chair, Minnesota Republican Party Representative Mary Liz Holberg, Minnesota House of Representatives Jeff Blodgett, Executive Director, Wellstone Action Moderated by Lawrence Jacobs, Professor, Humphrey School

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