Renewable Energy for Minnesota's Future

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Renewable Energy for Minnesota's Future

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The Renewable Electricity for Minnesota’s Future (REMnF) program objectives are to advance strategic renewable electric energy research and development toward commercialized products that can stimulate Minnesota’s economy, improve renewable energy technology, and potentially reduce rates for Xcel customers. At the University of Minnesota, under the guidance of the Institute on the Environment (IonE), four projects were selected for their potential to achieve these objectives. IonE then convened an advisory board and worked with the project teams to identify useful partners and potential strategies for commercialization. The four project titles contained in this report are: 1. The Direct Conversion of Heat to Electricity Using Fast Switching of Ferroelectric Oxides 2. Pyrite FeS2 : A Low-Cost Earth-Abundant Photovoltaic Solution for Renewable Electricity in Minnesota 3. Research on Power Electronics and Control: Grid-Interface for Renewables, Storage and Green Micro-Grid 4. Simulation, Measurement, Modeling, and Control of Wind Plant Power

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Project Funding provided by customers of Xcel Energy through the Renewable Development Fund (RDF) Award HE4-3 Block Grant for Renewable Electricity Award: CON000000042881 Primary Project: 00036809 PRF #: 756380 Institute on the Environment University of Minnesota

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Hanson, Aaron; Leighton, Chris; James, Richard D; Jalan, Bharat; Shen, Lian; Mohan, Ned. (2020). Renewable Energy for Minnesota's Future. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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