Bulletin No. 46. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology 1951-1980

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Bulletin No. 46. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology 1951-1980

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Minnesota Geological Survey




This bibliography brings Minnesota Geological Survey Bulletin 34, "Bibliography of Minnesota Geology," by T.G. Melone and L. W. Weis, published in 1951, up to date. A supplement in 1962, by John F. Splettstoesser and Sally A. Sloan, included literature for the period 1951-1961. The present bibliography incorporates the latter into a compilation of literature from 1951 through 1980. The literature covered includes essentially all geologic topics, but excludes surface hydrology, mining, and metallurgy. Masters theses and Ph.D. dissertations are included, but some omissions of these and other kinds of literature are inevitable. We hope that omissions and errors will be brought to our attention. The bibliography is the result of efforts by numerous individuals over a period of several years. If anyone has been omitted from the alphabetic list that follows, we apologize: Douglas Bergstrom, Reta Bradley, Susan Brostrom, Amy Bumberg, Lucinda Hruska-Claeys, Dana Noonan, John Splettstoesser, and Lynn Swanson. G. B. Morey directed the final selection of the citations and the preparation of the index by Nancy Balaban and Lynn Swanson. The index, designed by Morey, is based in large part on his knowledge of the pertinent literature. Howard Hobbs reviewed the indexing of the Quaternary citations, and Val Chandler, the indexing of the geophysics citations. Lynn Swanson and Nancy Balaban were responsible for copy editing and proofreading. Leonora Bauer, Ruth Harter, Vera Jean Holmberg, and Linda McDonald typed successive generations of the manuscript on a word processor.


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Morey, G.B.; Balaban, Nancy; Swanson, Lynn. (1981). Bulletin No. 46. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology 1951-1980. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/57072.

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