Voter Education

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Voter Education

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This research paper includes data and descriptions of survey results from 190 voting age people, a review of current voter education guides available in Hennepin County, Minnesota, and proposed recommendations and further research questions. While this paper attempts to answer the main question of how to make voter education more effective for local governments, the writer understands many limitations were in place during this seven-month research paper and these results do not adequately measure all proposed outcomes efficiently. This research paper started with a wide scope hoping to encompass voter education problems across the state of Minnesota. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, limited human resources, time constraints, and deadlines this paper will be narrowed to possible changes for Hennepin County in Minnesota instead of the state at large. Many of these proposed further research questions and recommendations could apply to the state at large but will require further exploration and dedication of resources.


Professional paper for the fulfillment of the Master of Public Policy degree.

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