Cook County Winter Trail-based Visitor Study

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Cook County Winter Trail-based Visitor Study

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University of Minnesota Duluth




Minnesota Sea Grant and the University of Minnesota Duluth Bureau of Business and Economic Research conducted the Cook County Winter Trail-based Visitor Study in the last quarter of 2002 (an atypical winter with little snow). Research assistants contacted a random sample of 162 households in Cook County, MN, by phone. A random adult in the home was asked a short set of questions about visitors who cross-country (x-c) ski and snowmobile in Cook County (65% cooperation). Additionally, 96 randomlychosen Cook County hospitality businesses were interviewed using the same questions (53% cooperation). The 51 business respondents and the residents, broken into two groups of 31 business owners or managers, and 74 non-business respondents, did not differ much in their perceptions of winter visitors. However, statistically significant differences in views are seen between respondents when grouped by their winter recreation participation (ski only, snowmobile only, both, and neither).


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Kreag, Glenn M; McTavish, Donald G. (2003). Cook County Winter Trail-based Visitor Study. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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