Stochastic dynamics of a coupled atmosphere-ocean model

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Stochastic dynamics of a coupled atmosphere-ocean model

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The investigation of the coupled atmosphere-ocean system is not only scientifically challenging but also practically important. We consider a coupled atmosphere-ocean model, which involves hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, and random atmospheric dynamics due to short time influences at the air-sea interface. We reformulate this model as a random dynamical system. First, we have shown that the asymptotic dynamics of the coupled atmosphere-ocean model is described by a random climatic attractor. Second, we have estimated the atmospheric temperature evolution under oceanic feedback, in terms of the freshwater flux, heat flux and the external fluctuation at the air-sea interface, as well as the earth's longwave radiation coefficient and the shortwave solar radiation profile. Third, we have demonstrated that this system has finite degree of freedom by presenting a finite set of determining functionals in probability. Finally, we have proved that the coupled atmosphere-ocean model is ergodic under suitable conditions for physical parameters and randomness, and thus for any observable of the coupled atmosphere-ocean flows, its time average approximates the statistical ensemble average, as long as the time interval is sufficiently long.





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Gao, Hongjun; Duan, Jinqiao; Schmalfuss, Bjorn. (2002). Stochastic dynamics of a coupled atmosphere-ocean model. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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