Multi-segmented magnetic nanowires as multifunctional theranostic tools in nanomedicine

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Multi-segmented magnetic nanowires as multifunctional theranostic tools in nanomedicine

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Nanomedicine is the development and use of nanostructured materials that have unique diagnostic and therapeutic effects owing to their size and structure. Current research efforts in this field have focused on eliminating cancer using novel nanoparticle-based therapeutics, e.g. heat induced tumor destruction via light or AC magnetic field excitation. This Ph.D. research presents a novel multifunctional nanoparticle, the multilayered magnetic nanowire, as a unique, robust and effective diagnostic and therapeutic (theranostic) platform for applications in translational nanomedicine. Here, multilayered magnetic nanowires are synthesized de novo using high-throughput electrochemical deposition in nanoporous templates. The presented applications in nanomedicine exploit the fiber-like shape of the nanowire, which is used advantageously for magnetic multiplexing, drug-delivery and synthesis of artificial biomaterials through self-assembly. This research has addressed important engineering questions pertaining to the design and synthesis of the nanowire, including shape, size, composition, magnetic properties, surface functionalization, nanoparticle aggregation and integration of this technology with various biomedical applications. Further, the ensuing cellular and immunological responses were examined in-depth using a variety of techniques including cell-based assays and microscopy in order to address biocompatibility, immunogenicity, inflammatory properties, cytotoxicity and proliferative effects. The proven success of the multilayered nanowire in these applications makes it an indispensable diagnostic and therapeutic tool in nanomedicine and regenerative technology.


University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. July 2015. Major: Electrical Engineering. Advisor: Bethanie Stadler. 1 computer file (PDF); xiii, 257 pages.

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