19 June 2006 Dye Trace of the Cave Farm Blind Valley Stream Sink (MN23:B0058)


19 June 2006 Dye Trace of the Cave Farm Blind Valley Stream Sink (MN23:B0058)

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A qualitative fluorescent dye trace has established that water sinking in the Cave Farm Blind Valley resurges at Bly’s Spring on Bear Creek in Fillmore County, Minnesota. This trace establishes the resurgence point for the Cave Farm Blind Valley and a lower limit of > 1 kilometer per day on the groundwater flow velocity. This trace documents the potential impact of a break in the British Petroleum pipeline, which is directly below the blind valley, could have on the Spring Valley karst. The Spring Valley karst also may act as an underground flow path that pirates water from Deer Creek to Bear Creek.


A single dye trace in 2006 to search for groundwater connections between the Cave Farm Blind Valley, MN23:B0058 and Bear or Deer Creeks in northern Spring Valley Twp., Fillmore Co., MN. Report includes some hydrogeologic background information, contextual figures, a result table and a brief discussion of the study findings.

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Costello, Daniel E; Alexander Jr., E. Calvin. (2006). 19 June 2006 Dye Trace of the Cave Farm Blind Valley Stream Sink (MN23:B0058). Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/185413.

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