Baldr Flight 1


Baldr Flight 1

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Baldr is the UAV Lab’s newest UltraStick 120 airframe that will be used for aircraft reliability research. For this first flight, only the baseline inner-loop control law was tested. The innerloop control law consists of a pitch tracker (tracking theta), a roll tracker (tracking phi), and a yaw damper. The gains used were the same as that of Faser. The controller testing was done by commanding straight and level segments, and pitch & roll doublets. First, Baldr was commanded to fly straight & level at 23m/s, at a pitch attitude of 5deg, and a throttle of 65%. This was repeated thrice. Next, a roll doublet of +/- 20deg was commanded (for 10s) at a pitch attitude of 5deg and a throttle of 65%. This was repeated thrice. Finally, a pitch doublet of +/- 5deg was commanded (for 6s) at a throttle of 65%. This was repeated thrice. All flight ops were smooth.

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