Health Information Exchange to Support a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

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Health Information Exchange to Support a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

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University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy




Objective: To describe barriers to the utilization of a query based Health Information Exchange (HIE) that supports a statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). Methods: Emergency room (ER) prescribers were surveyed bi-weekly and at the end of a four-month study to estimate HIE/PDMP utilization and identify barriers to utilization. Results: Self-reported utilization from seventeen providers in three emergency rooms was very low. Providers estimated that prescription history was rarely available when queried. Problem lists and laboratory reports were estimated to be available 60% of the time. Discussion: Barriers to HIE utilization for PDMP purposes included prescribers not finding the information they queried and lack of integration into clinical workflow. Low perceived need for PDMP and prescriber preparedness to manage abusers may also have reduced utilization. Recommendation: Financial and human resources must be available for training and integration of a HIE based PDMP into the ER’s clinical workflow. Minimizing information gaps is also necessary to increase utilization.


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Innov. Pharm. 2015; 6(188): 1-5

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Cochran, Gary L.; Klepser, Donald G.; Morien, Marsha; Lander, Lina. (2015). Health Information Exchange to Support a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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