Imaging Electrical Properties Using MRI and In Vivo Applications

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Imaging Electrical Properties Using MRI and In Vivo Applications

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Electrical properties, namely conductivity and permittivity, describe the interaction of materials with the surrounding electromagnetic field. The electrical properties of biological tissue are associated with many fundamental aspects of tissue, such as cellular and molecular structure, ion concentration, cell membrane permeability, etc. Electrical properties of tissue in vivo can be used as biomarkers to characterize cancerous tissue or provide useful information in applications involving tissue and electromagnetic field. Among many related electrical-property imaging technologies, electrical properties tomography (EPT) is a promising one that noninvasively extracts the in vivo electrical properties with high spatial resolution based on measured B1 field using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In this thesis, advanced EPT methods have been developed to improve the imaging quality of conventional EPT. First of all, a multi-channel EPT framework was introduced to release its dependency on a B1 phase assumption and expand its application under high field strength. Secondly, a gradient-based EPT (gEPT) approach was proposed and implemented, showing enhanced robustness against effect of measurement noise and improved performance near tissue boundaries. Using gEPT, high resolution in vivo electrical-property images of healthy human brain were obtained, and an imaging system for rat tumor models was also developed. As a result of malignancy, increased conductivity was captured in tumors using the in vivo animal imaging system. Thirdly, based on EPT theory, quantitative water proton density imaging was proposed using measured B1 field information, provide a new way for estimating water content in tissue for diagnostic and research purpose.



University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. November 2015. Major: Biomedical Engineering. Advisor: Bin He. 1 computer file (PDF); viii, 137 pages.

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