Building a Better, Safer World: What Would a McCain Presidency Do?


Building a Better, Safer World: What Would a McCain Presidency Do?

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Special guest Joe Lieberman joins this panel the day after his speech at the Republican National Convention and argues that John McCain's experience in foreign policy is "unmatched" and would provide a steady hand in troubling times. Lieberman and his fellow panelists focus on how McCain would approach public diplomacy, trade, energy independence, and confronting America's adversaries. For further highlights on this panel, read the live blog. PANELISTS Robert C. (Bud) McFarlane, President, McFarlane Associates, Inc. (former National Security Advisor to President Reagan) Ambassador Robert Portman, Former Director, Office of Management and Budget (former United States Trade Representative) Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Ambassador Richard Williamson, Special Envoy to Sudan Introductory Remarks: Robert Kargman, Board Member, American Israel Public Affairs Committee Introductory Remarks: Chris Policinski, President & CEO, Land O’ Lakes, Inc. Moderator: Nina Easton, Washington Bureau Chief, Fortune

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