Principles and Practices of Legacy Leadership: Recalling, Reclaiming, and Recasting



Principles and Practices of Legacy Leadership: Recalling, Reclaiming, and Recasting

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In this presentation University of Minnesota Emeritus Professor Daniel J Pesut through a personal and professional narrative, invites participants to recall, reclaim, and recast their professional nursing journey with legacy leadership in mind. In this presentation he defines the concept of legacy leadership to inform personal and professional reflection and action concerning leadership contributions in nursing education, practice, research, and policy. In this presentation he articulates five practices of legacy leadership to help participants gain insight into ways of leading, being, and doing to create leadership legacies. He challenges participants to appreciate the value and wisdom of knowing their strengths, values, and contributions to affirm their destiny, character, and calling. This presentation was delivered on March 15, 2024 at Penn State University.


The Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing Leadership Academy, WE LEAD, aims to develop, foster, and champion the leadership competencies of emerging and established nurse leaders, preparing them to build a culture of health around the world. We Lead uses experiential learning to add depth to the student experience, covering topics like entrepreneurship, negotiation, and innovation. The themes and curriculum were developed around the ANA’s Leadership Institutes pillars of ‘leading yourself, leading others and leading the organization.’ Professionalism and Social responsibility Communication and Relationship Management Personal / Professional Leadership Development Systems-Based Practice in the Health Care Environment Business Skills and Principles. This Lecture was the third in an ongoing series of presentations from leaders in health care.

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