Analysis of a Hydroacoustic Gravity Flow Facility

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Analysis of a Hydroacoustic Gravity Flow Facility

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St. Anthony Falls Laboratory




Two preliminary designs of a hydroacoustic gravity flow facility have been developed for a Ship Silencing Laboratory, DTNSRDC, by Dr. George F. Wis1icenus. It was desired to attain a test section velocity of 60 fps for a 90 sec time period. As the facility will be used for acoustic measurements, cavitation-free flow is a necessity. After a test run has been completed, the water is returned by a pump in a separate line back to the head tank. To ma~imize usage of the facility, the recycling time between runs should be kept short. As part of the overall development program, the Laboratory has been asked to carry out some preliminary calculations on the proposed designs to further establish feasibility and to independently evaluate the designs. The calculations included an estimate of head loss in the system and an elementary transient analysis. An alternate configuration also has been suggested for consideration.



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David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center

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Arndt, Roger E.; Wetzel, Joseph M.; Bintz, David W.; Ripken, John F.. (1984). Analysis of a Hydroacoustic Gravity Flow Facility. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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